Standard Terms &
Conditions of Hiring


The Liberal Synagogue Elstree

  1. The Synagogue Trustees hereby licence and authorise the hirer and all authorised persons duly authorised by the hirer to use the premises for the agreed purpose and duration stated on the hire/use application form.
  2. The hirer undertakes to abide by the following conditions:
    1. The hirer will pay the Synagogue Trustees the balance of the hire charge on the agreed date stated on the hire/use application form.
    2. The hirer will not use the premises for any purpose other than the authorised purpose and for the agreed duration and will ensure that guests depart promptly thereafter without causing disturbance to the neighbours.
    3. The hirer will manage the premises so that nothing shall be done to injure the reputation of the Synagogue or the premises or defile the premises as a place of worship or offend against any statute or regulation of the local authority or to do or permit to be done any act which may imperil any licence attached to the premises or any insurance effected in respect of the premises.
    4. Food and food preparation:
      No meat, meat products or foods containing animal fats (kosher or otherwise) may be brought onto the premises, prepared, served or consumed.
      The Synagogue's utensils may only be used for the heating of milk, fish and vegetarian products.
    5. The hirer will not sublet the premises or any part thereof nor gain access to any part of the premises not hired, nor allow others to gain access to any part of the premises not hired under this schedule.
    6. The hirer will allow authorised employees and officers of the Synagogue to view the premises in order to ensure that the terms of this agreement are complied with.
    7. The hirer will take proper care of the premises to indemnify the Synagogue Trustees against any loss theft or damage however caused to the premises including the exterior and car park and boundary fences forming part of the premises or anything therein.
    8. The hirer will ensure that no exits are blocked, chairs or obstructions placed in corridors or fire appliances removed or tampered with, or the electricity or gas supply or fitments and machinery are misused.
    9. The hirer will leave the premises in a clean and tidy condition to the satisfaction of the Synagogue and in the event of the Synagogue having to employ professional cleaners will reimburse the Synagogue with the cost thereof.
    10. The hirer will not display any flags emblems notices inside or outside the premises without prior written consent of the Honorary Secretary or Lettings Officer.
    11. The hirer will ensure that no bolts nails tacks screws pins adhesive tape flexible adhesive or other like devices are driven or adhered to any part of the interior or exterior of the premises nor are any placards or other articles fixed thereto without the prior written consent of the Honorary Secretary or Lettings Officer.
  3. The hirer may bring on to the premises for the duration of the hire such equipment as is reasonably necessary for the use of the premises for the authorised purpose PROVIDED that while upon the premises all such equipment shall be at the sole risk of the hirer. The Synagogue shall not be liable for any damage or injury to such equipment or to any persons using such equipment howsoever sustained.
  4. Neither the Trustees of the Synagogue nor their servants, officers or employees shall be liable for any loss damage or injury which may be incurred by or be done or happen to any person or persons resorting to the premises during the hiring arising from any cause whatsoever or for any loss due to any breakdown of machinery failure of supply of electricity and gas leakage or secession of water supply fire government restriction or act of god which may cause the premises to be temporarily closed or the hiring to be interrupted or cancelled and the hirer shall indemnify the Synagogue against any claim which may arise out of the hiring or which may be made by any person resorting to the premises during the hiring in respect of any such loss damage or injury.
  5. The capacity of the premises as stated on the hire/use application referred hereto is the maximum allowed and the hirer undertakes that these limits are not exceeded.
  6. The Synagogue Trustees will ensure that the hirer is given access to the building at the start of the hire period and that arrangements are made for the building to be left secure at the end of the hire period. If the hirer requires any further services of any caretaker that the Synagogue may employ or attendance outside 'normal hours', these shall be a matter of private arrangement between the caretaker and the hirer and the caretaker will be regarded as the hirer's employee in relation thereto.
  7. The Synagogue reserves the right to terminate any entertainment or meeting not properly conducted.
  8. Consequences of cancellation: Where cancellation occurs within 14 days of the proposed hiring the Trustees shall be entitled to the whole charge payable under section 2 of the hire/use booking form.

June 2002