The Liberal Synagogue Elstree

Membership of the Synagogue is open to all Jews who subscribe to the principles and objects of the Jewish faith. We regard as Jewish anyone who has a Jewish parent and who has been brought up in a Jewish environment. We encourage non-Jewish partners to become a Friend of Elstree and to take an active part in the life of the community. A proselyte class is also available.

The standard membership subscription includes a burial and funeral scheme. We use the Liberal Judaism Cemeteries at Edgwarebury Lane and Cheshunt. For full details of the TLSE Funeral scheme click here.

For more details, contact the office on 020 8953 8889 or e-mail the office.

Frequently Asked Questions about TLSE and Liberal Judaism

I want to get married in your Synagogue but my fiance is not Jewish, is this possible?

Sorry, it is not possible. TLSE, as all other Synagogues in the UK, are legally allowed only to conduct marriages between two professing Jews. We are however able to offer a blessing in the Synagogue as a small family occasion for couples in a mixed faith relationship. Please contact the Rabbi who will be able to discuss your particular situation.

I am not Jewish but my partner is and we both wish to join The Liberal Synagogue Elstree, can we do this?

Only Jews as defined by the principles of Liberal Judaism are permitted to become members of our Synagogue. However a non Jewish partner or a non Jew wishing to be associated with our Synagogue is encouraged to become a 'Friend' of TLSE and then to participate in all of our social and cultural events and to attend our services.