The Liberal Synagogue Elstree

The Synagogue is run by a Council elected at the AGM held in April, and a number of sub-committees.

The Council consists of four executive Officers;
Chairman, Vice Chairman (or 2 co-chairmen), Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary.
The remainder of the Council is made up of several ordinary Officers.
The Rabbi, the representatives for Liberal Judaism and the representative for the Board of Deputies are invited to attend Council meeting, without voting rights. Council meetings are held once monthly, normally on the second Wednesday of the month.

The current Officers (2018-19) of the Synagogue Council are:
Richard Boulton, Lizzie Rabin, Joanne Jones, Harvey Adams, Penny Beral, Jacqueline Bernard, Alan Gordenfelt, Peter Rabin, David swarc, Michael Reibscheid
We are represented on the Board of Deputies and the Liberal Judaism Council.

The Synagogue Constitution

The Synagogue is governed by its Constitution; for the full text of the current constitution in PDF format, updated in 2005, click here.

Responsibilities of Council Officers

As well as their responsibilities under the Constitution, Officers of the Council have obligations as defined by the Charity Commission