Liberal Judaism


The Liberal Synagogue Elstree

Over 30 Liberal Judaism congregations run regular Shabbat and festival services for members and visitors alike. Our rabbis officiate over members' life cycle events, bringing Liberal Jewish meaning to peoples' lives from birth all the way through to death and mourning. The team at the Montagu Centre, our London head office offer services to support these congregations to sustain them and help them grow into truly unique Liberal Jewish communities that enrich not only the lives of their members but also of the local community.

To be a Jew is to be the inheritor of a religious and cultural tradition.
To be a practising Jew is to accept with love and pride the duty to maintain and transmit that tradition.
To be a practising Liberal Jew in the twenty-first century is to believe that tradition should be transmitted within the framework of modern thinking and morality; it is to live according to the prophetic ideal of doing justice, loving kindness and walking humbly with God.

In the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and in Luxembourg, there are over thirty Liberal and Progressive congregations, large and small.
All work together to uphold and spread their common beliefs, combining rabbinic and lay resources, through an international organisation, Liberal Judaism.

The Liberal Jewish movement was founded in 1902 by Jews committed to ensuring the continuity of Jewish faith, tradition, practice and ethics within a contemporary framework.
They worked unsparingly to re-instil Judaism in the hearts of sceptical Jews through services, public meetings, sermons, writings and inspirational leadership.
The movement they founded, the Jewish Religious Union, was later renamed the Union of Liberal and Progressive Synagogues and is now known as Liberal Judaism.

At the start of its second century, Liberal Judaism continues to uphold and work for the aims and ideals of its founders, and to benefit from the contributions of countless Jews who have been attracted to Liberal Judaism and continue to find in it a dynamic modern faith and way of life that are rooted in Jewish tradition.

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