Funeral Scheme


The Liberal Synagogue Elstree

Formal Statement of the scheme rules

The Liberal Synagogue Elstree Funeral Scheme applies to all Full Members of the Congregation. Unmarried children under the age of 21 and normally residing with their parents, guardians, etc, who are members of the congregation, are included.

Membership of the Scheme which covers the basic cost of the funeral is by payment of the annual subscription, plus joining fees as applicable. All benefits from the Scheme will become operable immediately on joining the Synagogue.

The Scheme will cover the following items:-
a. Standard coffin and shroud.
b. Washing and dressing of the deceased.
c. Transport of the deceased by hearse for a total journey of 20 miles within the M25.
d. Salaries and wages wholly and exclusively incurred in the aforementioned.
e. Temporary name tablet where burial is requested.
f. Services at funeral and one evening shivah.

The maximum liability borne by the Scheme would be £700. Expenses over and above those covered by the Scheme will be the responsibility of the family, or estate, of the deceased.

Examples of such extra expenses include:-
Use of Private Chapel
Cost of doctor's and/or hospital certificates for cremation
Overtime/Out of normal hours working
Additional cars or excess car mileage
Bereavement notices
Additional services
Incidental expenses.

Joining fees per person paid once only on joining the Scheme will be:-

Age Fee
55-59 £100 or signed disclaimer
60-64 £300 or signed disclaimer
65-69 £500 or signed disclaimer
70 and over £700 or signed disclaimer

Members whose annual subscriptions are in arrears in accordance with the Constitution of The Liberal Synagogue Elstree will be automatically excluded from receiving any benefit from the Funeral Scheme.

The basic cost of the actual burial or cremation is covered under a separate Liberal Judaism scheme the benefits of which commence on acceptance as a member of the congregation, unless a disclaimer has been signed.

In the event of a bereavement the Burial Officer must be informed. Arrangements for the funeral will then be made between the undertaker for the cemetery or crematorium and the bereaved family. All necessary details will be attended to by the undertaker.

The Council reserves the right to amend the Scheme as necessary. (Revised January 2010)

Liberal Judaism burial scheme

Please note that there is a separate and additional joining fee for those aged 55 or older to the Liberal Judaism burial scheme, which provides a burial plot at a Liberal Judaism cemetery, or cremation facilities as appropriate. Details are available from the membership officer